january, 2021

2021 Scholarship Winners Announced

College Scholarships


Congratulations to the 2021 Student Scholarship Winners! We wish them the very best as they begin the next exciting chapter this Fall, at the District School or College listed.

Mason Watkins, Pawling HS – Keith & Julie Watkins (Keith, New Rochelle City SD)

Molly Chiesa, Dover HS – Anthony & April Chiesa (Anthony, Brewster CSD)

Matt Denet, Manhattan College – Richard Denet (Hendrick Hudson HS)

Zhinin, Jessica, Hendrick Hudson HS – Emma (Hendrick Hudson CSD)

Allison Gramando, John Jay HS – Joe & Barbara Gramando (Joe, Chappaqua CSD)

Jesse Strack, Binghamton Univ. – Eric & Sharon Strack (Eric, Mt. Pleasant CSD)

Lauren Kelly, SUNY Dutchess – Peter Kelly (Valhalla UFSD)

Cassidy Taylor, Dover HS – Paul & Gerilyn Taylor (Paul, Brewster CSD)

Jessica Hamel, Norwalk CC – Troy & Claudia Hamel (Both, Brewster CSD)

Danielle Merlini, George Washington Univ. – Anthony & Michele  (Anthony, Hendrick Hudson CSD)

Danielle Falcone, White Plains – Michael Falcone (Greenburgh 7 UFSD)

Fintan Cassidy, Brewster HS – Carmel/Aiden Cassidy (Carmel, Brewster SD)

Dominic Santiago, John Jay East Fishkill – John & Renee Santiago (John, Ardsley UFSD)

Nicole Chiarello, Brewster HS – Chris Chiarello (Brewster HS)



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